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"You can't pick and choose where you'd like to have a puncture or blow-out...".
But with Tyron you stay in control and can continue driving to where it is safe to change it! 
Fit Tyron For Life!

"People become stranded on the hard shoulder ALL THE TIME..." "...and that is where more people are killed or seriously injured than those on the carriageway itself”

PC MIKE HORN -  Thames Valley Police. 1996


Tyron is a patented lightweight well-filler band that converts a standard steel or alloy wheel into a safety wheel. When fitted, it will significantly improve the performance and safety of any wheel or tyre in the event of deflation. At speed it assists the driver in maintaining steering, cornering ,braking and traction control. It provides a short run-flat capability so you can choose a safe place to stop and change the wheel.


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