Tyron Multiband frequently asked questions

Tyron Multibands can be fitted by any trained tyre fitter that has the correct equipment to install the multibands. See our map for trained Multiband fitting companies
The answer is YES! Your vehicle may have Direct TPMS or Indirect TPMS and the Tyron Multibands will work with both. Just inform the company fitting the Multibands that you have Tyre Pressure Monitoring fitted to your vehicle and they will install TPMS brackets to suit.
An average size Tyron Multiband fitted to a vehicle will weigh approx 1Kg per wheel.
Tyron Multibands have no requirements to be serviced however when having your tyres changed the installing dealer will check the Tyron Mutibands over.
There is a myth that if you have TPMS fitted to your vehicle you do not need Tyron Multibands fitted and vice versa!
WRONG, TPMS and Tyron Multibands perform different operations within the wheel. TPMS monitors the pressure within the tyre and the Tyron Multibands retain the tyre on the wheel during a deflation.

An example is a vehicle with TPMS has a tyre blow out, this happens very quickly and TPMS will not help you control your vehicle due to the deflated tyre. You will get notification on you vehicle dashboard of a tyre problem but you would already know due to the vehicles handling.

So if you have TPMS and Tyron Multibands fitted you have the best safest wheel solution possible. The TPMS alerts you to a tyre deflation and the Tyron Multiband locks the tyre on the wheel.
Tyron Multibands are only to be fitted by qualified installers as specialist equipment is required to break the tyre bead and ensure the Tyron Multibands are fitted correctly.

The average cost of having Tyron Multibands supplied and fitted varies depending on the wheel diameter and width. The price also varies if the vehicle is fitted with tyre pressure monitoring, as an extra fitment is required to work along side the tyre pressure monitoring system.
Please contact your nearest Tyron multiband fitting centre for pricing.

A Tyron Multiband Customer care kit is an extended Allen key to enable the removal or installation of the bands onto the wheel. Within the kit you also have extensive instructions on the installation and removal of the Tyron Multibands when changing tyres on the vehicle. This booklet is multi lingual so the kit can be handed to a tyre fitter in many countries if you do not speak the language and require a tyre to be changed.