Tyron Accessories

With Tyron we can offer accessories that make life easier for you should you ever have a tyre deflation/failure

Tyron Portable Fitting Machine

The Tyron Portable Fitting Machine enables any tyre fitter in the world to change a tyre on a wheel fitted with Tyron bands. Complete with compact carry case the unit weighs approx 5.1kg.

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Tyron Customer Care Kit

The Tyron Customer Care Kit should be kept on any vehicle fitted with Tyron Safety Bands. Comprises of the Tyron 5mm ball-ended Key and Multi Lingual Fitting Instruction booklet.

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Tyron Wheel Sticker

When Tyron Bands are fitted to your vehicles wheels they will have a sticker placed on the rim alerting tyre fitters that Tyron Bands are fitted. If the sticker becomes damaged you can replace with a new one.

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