Military vehicles are designed and manufactured to a standard, not a price.

These vehicles operate in hostile environments and are designed to attack a threat rather than ‘run-away’, for these reasons mobility is crucial and the runflats must be able to guarantee beadlock, absorb impacts when off road and be impervious to ballistic attack.

Runflats must give a minimum guarantee of 50km and it is desirable that they can keep going for 100km without the tyre slipping on the rim.

All Terrain Rubber (ATR) runflats are designed for off road and military vehicles. The Tyron ATR-MP range are the only rubber runflats that do not require special equipment and hydraulic presses to change the tyres.

Only rubber can guarantee Beadlock which is necessary for guaranteed performance, composite runflats are up to 50km! the ATR range is 50km PLUS.

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The current growth in adding ‘Active Protection Systems’ and the consequential increase in vehicle mass has now coined the phrase ‘Weight Budget’ – or how to offset the increased vehicle mass.

A simple solution in working towards reduced weight budgets is the use of Carbon Cored Rubber multi piece runflats, which offer ~40% weight reduction in the runflat alone. With forged aluminium additionally reducing mass compared to conventional steel wheels, future non-metallic developments that give improved blast protection whist reducing weight will further enhance vehicle dynamics.